Obtain detailed visitor data and marketing consent as they connect to your venue’s social WiFi.  Know their demographics, such as age, gender and interests in relation to their behaviour.
IOT WiFi Hotspot
is the right solution to increase your revenue and boost your ROI.

Get unexpected results and user experience, know your customers, increase your revenue and get analytic data.


IOT staging


How do I start using IOT WiFi Hotspot?

 1) Create an account 

Sign up for a free account on IOT WiFi Hotspot!

2) Start your WiFi

Now end-users will see a custom login screen when they connect to your WiFi. Users are sign in via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3) Monetize your WiFi network!

Monetize your WiFi Hotspots with captive portal ads or WiFi voucher sales. End users see an ad or input voucher before logging in.

Why you should integrate with IOT?


Every tool you need to earn additional revenue for your Wi-Fi. With IOT Wifi Hotspot, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory. Turn your Wi-Fi in a virtual ATM!


Frequently Asked Question

IoT do not need to set up another Wi-Fi network at your location. We will enable you to monetize on your already existing Wi-Fi network by making it a unique advertising channel!