For Advertisers

Reach your customers everywhere and Increase user engagement with a power of IOT Wi-Fi Advertising!


IOT Wi-Fi Advertising is an ad network that allows you to target your users based on their real-time location or the business type of the venue they are located in.

Your adverts could be shown to users that are located at different venues such as hotels, malls, gyms etc.

Example: You could choose your adverts to appear on the Wi-Fi landing page at all the hotels in the city that are registered on IOT Wifi.


Leverage the power of mobile, local and WiFi and create maximum impact to your campaigns.


IOT Wi-Fi Advertising is made possible as you can choose the specific zone you want place your ads on.

Types of Ads:

  • Pre-Authentication Ads

Ads are served on Captive Portal before the visitor connects to the internet. guaranteed delivery and 100% share of voice.

  • In-Session Ads

This allows you to engage the consumers during Internet session. The content is inserted into the web pages.



Frequently Asked Question

IoT do not need to set up another Wi-Fi network at your location. We will enable you to monetize on your already existing Wi-Fi network by making it a unique advertising channel!