Wi-Fi Marketing

IOT Global Resources transform passive guest Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing and advertising tool for businesses.

We provide free Wi-Fi Solution For those companies that receive strong foot traffic, we sell advertising space that will be seen by anyone joining our Hotspot!


This works really well in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, fitness clubs, concert halls, museums, hospitals, coworking spaces or other types of venues that provide public Wi-Fi to their clients where customers can walk right over.


By being part of our network, you generate income from each advert displayed on your Wi-Fi. The business owner may even be able to subsidize the cost of bandwidth with our advertising revenue, or if traffic is high enough, make a profit!

Why you should advertise with IOT?

  • Smart Targeting with High Impact

Target specific segments such as Location, Age and Gender!

Serve a full page advertisement that gives your business more focus and attention!

  • Local & Mobile Ads thru WiFi!

Reach People in Local Establishments on their Mobile thru Wi-Fi! We can integrate with your Social WiFi.



Frequently Asked Question

IoT do not need to set up another Wi-Fi network at your location. We will enable you to monetize on your already existing Wi-Fi network by making it a unique advertising channel!