About us

IOT Global Resources is a company offering the Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising and analytics platform in the market. We help our clients build relationships with their visitors, and market to them based on demographics. This allows intelligent re-targeting and marketing to selected custom audience groups. As a result, the impact of each campaign can be precisely measured. Our platform drives Wi-Fi marketing solutions for Universities, shopping centre, airports, retail chains, hotels and public venue.

IOT Global Resources allows you to target your users based on their real-time location or the business type of the venue they are located in. Your adverts could be shown to users that are located at different venues such as hotels, malls, gyms etc.

Combining Wi-Fi Hotspot with other targeting parameters, such as time of day and user preferences, will be the key to unlocking the most value in the mobile advertising experience. This is a unique value proposition that no other media channel can match.


Frequently Asked Question

IoT do not need to set up another Wi-Fi network at your location. We will enable you to monetize on your already existing Wi-Fi network by making it a unique advertising channel!